Aubrey Miller-Schmidt

Marketing leader. Email geek. Rescue cat mom. Wife. Nature lover. Creator. Photo taker. Advocate.

I have always been drawn to create meaningful things, and marketing as a career found me about 13 years ago as I became increasingly focused on the outcomes of my work. 

I have a passion for email and its unique requirements, opportunities, and technical expertise I can lend to the discipline. In my current role, I manage marketing campaigns, wrangle code for Outlook, and plan engaging customer lifecycle experiences — among other things. 

I've worked with Fortune 500's, small businesses, nonprofits, and NGOs. I hold a Master of Science in Marketing from The University of Texas at Dallas. Doing the right thing is at the heart of everything I do and create.

In my personal time, I am owned by three cats, enjoy planting native plants, and volunteer for progressive, human-centered, and animal care organizations.